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Hi there!

As you may have noticed is free-of-charge and there are no plan to change that.

However, financially it's not an effortless operation, of course. The costs include ...

  • rental fees for multiple webservers with a very high bandwidth consumption
  • rental fees for photo equipment and shipping costs
  • about 20% of the tested equipment is actually purchased in normal shops out there. We've only minimal relationships with a few manufacturers.
  • testing equipment (studio equipment, charts, software, hardware, etc. pp)
... and we are now a team of three editors here in the zone.

If you feel to support the site you're naturally welcome to send an ABSOLUTELY VOLUNTARY donation via PayPal. PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, is one of the most popular ePayment services around. PayPal accepts most major credit cards.

Using PayPal you can transfer a donation to a specific person as simple as specifying a target email address ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) in the "Send Money" section of or, even easier, just click on one of the buttons below to start the donation process - it's easy (the default currency is US$ but this works fine for EUR or other account types as well) !

Due to the transaction fees you shouldn't donate less than 5$. Otherwise you just feed PayPal.

Please note that PhotoZone is not some kind of non-profit society so we cannot send out tax-deductible certificates. We may not be able to thank you personally but rest assured that your support is highly appreciated!

The Team