Sony Alpha SLT-A33 Review / Test Report - Resolution
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The Sony is pretty small but as you know it's the inner values that count of course. The camera features a 14,2 MP sensor with a comparatively high pixel pitch (5,1 µm). However, let's have a closer look to the maximum normalised resolution of the Sony and how it compete to other DSLRs and EVILs out there.

The following chart compares the Sony Alpha SLT-A33 to the Sony NEX-5, the Canon EOS 7D, the Samsung NX10 as well as Nikon D5000 based on RAW files, transformed to DNG and converted to JPG using the same Adobe Camera RAW engine (version).

The maximum resolution of the SLT-A33's raw files is pretty good and as you can see on a par with the Sony Nex-5 and the bigger Canon EOS 7D. However the JPEG output is a good deal worse than the potential RAW quality and no appropriate option if maximum resolution is needed.

Not all cameras with the same number of mega-pixels provide the same output resolution. The output quality depends on a variety of factors: lens quality + AA filter + sensor resolution + in-camera processing + (optionally) external (PC-based) post-processing. Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Tests are among the most accurate and scientific tests to compare the resolution of different sensors. If you want to find out more about MTF, check out our technology section